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   Source ID   Title, Author 
151 S107 Bona Arseneault page 524.
152 S513 Brenda & Pat McCall
153 S188 Brian K. Arcement
154 S36 Bridal Shower Invitation
Daniel Scheer 
155 S437 Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 3, Social SecurityRecords: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning withV, Date of Import: Nov 21, 1995, Internal Ref. #
156 S629 Brother Martin Alumni News
157 S761 Brother's Obituary
158 S287 Bruno Haffreingue
159 S799 Burval Genealogy, Reader: Daniel Scheer, Url: http://burval.net
Clarice and Joseph T. Burval 
160 S550 Butch Arsement
161 S4 C Billiot L Dardar Death Certificates
Submitted by Daniel Scheer 
162 S911 C. J. Faltemen 1900 Louisiana, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: C. J. Faltemen
163 S205 Calculated from 1860 and 1870 US Census of Terrebonne Parish,Louisiana
164 S944 Camil and Marie Verdin Census 1920 Louisiana, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Camelle Verdin
165 S260 Candy Stover Holden, Interviewer: By Unknown
166 S501 Carole Beutow Lee
167 S863 Carole Verdun Nicolle Family Sheet from Family Bible of Valentine Guedry in Thibodaux Courthouse., Document: Taken from bible of Valentine Guedry
Unknown Author 
168 S515 Catalog of Families, St. Mary's Bay, Fr. Jean Mande Sigogne 1818-1829
C. J. d'Entremont 
169 S147 Cemetery Inscriptions of Gilmer Co., GA Vol IV
170 S487 CEN1910; ASR(13 Dec 1903); DOE1.1; DOE2.46;Tombstone
171 S478 CEN1910; ASR(26 Jun 1896); DOE2.46; DOE3.15; SDG;Tombstone
172 S829 Census
173 S1073 Census Image 1930, Record Type: Scanned Census Image, Household: Henry Verdin
174 S533 Centre Acadian
Universitiy of Ste. Anne 
175 S280 Certificate of Baptism
176 S104 Certificate of Birth
177 S94 Certificate of Communion
178 S95 Certificate of Confirmation
179 S102 Certificate of Live Birth, Florida
180 S561 Certificate of Marriage
181 S374 Certificate of Marriage Registration
182 S1020 Charles A Besse Census Louisiana 1860, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Chs A Besse
183 S1021 Charles A Besse Census Louisiana 1870, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Charlottin Besse
184 S1022 Charles Besse Census Louisiana 1850, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Wm. Joseph Boudreaux
185 S872 Charles Billiot and Honorine Dardar Marraige Certificate, Record Type: Marraige Certificate, Spouses' Names: Charles and Honorine Billiot
186 S1032 Charles Creppel Obituary
187 S83 Charles Samson
188 S869 Charles Shilo Billiot Death Certificate, Record Type: Death Certificate, Name Of Person: Charles Shilo Billiot, Number: 26-5251 File# 22 Cert #12734
189 S1087 Charlie Billiot Census 1940, Record Type: Scanned Census Image, Household: Lovan Billiot
190 S441 Chasity Bordelon, Interviewer: Daniel Scheer, Informant Address: Des Allemands, Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana USA
191 S19 Chris and Charlotte's Wedding Invitation
Daniel Scheer 
192 S469 Christ Lutheran Church
193 S91 Christi Garrett, Interviewer: By Unknown
194 S1062 Christina Verdin Email, Recipient: Daniel Scheer, Author E-mail: la_chris@live.com
Christina Verdin 
195 S184 Christine Richard
196 S106 Church Certificate of Baptism
197 S128 Cindy Ward, Interviewer: By Unknown
198 S1001 Clarence F. Knight Florida State 1945, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: C.F. Knight, Location: Cross City, Florida
199 S1015 Clarence Knight Florida Census 1935, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Clarence Knight, Location: Madison, Florida
200 S975 Clarville and Josephine Census 1910 Louisiana, Record Type: GIF Census Image, Household: Clarville E. Billiot

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